PHP iAddressBook

PHP iAddressBook is an address book for a single user. You can use it for Personal or Business Cards (it supports tons of fields), features a spotlight-like search, has transparent vCard import/export, multilanguage support, design templates and an intuitive interface. It aims at 100% compatibility to the AddressBook in macOS.


  • iCloud/CardDAV and XML-RPC interfaces
  • authentication support
  • contact fields 99% identical to in macOS (click here for details)
  • add/edit/view/search/filter contacts
  • supports categories
  • supports contact photos
  • provides transparent vCard import/export
  • prevents import of duplicate vCards
  • HTML template support
  • multilanguage support (currently english, german, spanish, dutch, italian, french, portuguese, japanese, esperanto, russian, slovak)
  • easy extentable thanks to clean and modular code
  • compatible with PHP 7.x and 5.x


Please send me your comments, suggestions and blame — Clemens Wacha


This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL.