Changes marked with :!: need some attention on upgrading!

Version 2.0.1 (2013-12-07)

  • fixed: problem with authentication module when auth.php was setup correctly (empty permission array)
  • fixed: minor bug in XML-RPC module

Version 2.0 (2013-06-23)

  • :!: new folder structure
  • fixed: auth.php was missing in distribution

Version 1.1 (2012-02-20)

  • fixed bug in birthday reminder when birthdays were not shown correctly around year end.
  • added support for PHP 5.3 (removed deprecation messages)
  • changed <? tags to <php to improve compatibility

Version 1.0 (2008-05-26)

  • fixed bug in birthday reminder: if there are no birthdays in the future but at least one in the past, the birthday 'none' label was not displayed
  • fixed file creation modes. config setting $conf['fmode'] now has effect whenever a file is created
  • fixed a bug in addressbook db handling
  • fixed a minor GMT bug in date handling
  • fixed image/format bug
  • improved image handling: proc_open replaced by popen (should now work better with restrictive php settings)
  • added installer script that helps with first time installation
  • added XML-RPC API (disabled by default)
  • added image resize when using GD to convert photos
  • added bulgarian language file (thanks to Vladimir Vitkov)
  • added hungarian language file (thanks to Sándor Pécsi)

Version 0.99 (2008-04-15)

  • :!: changed DB format. Contact photos are no longer saved inside the database but in a separate folder.
  • adjusted photo export in vCards. Photo import into Apple Addressbook in OS X 10.4 should work again.
  • fixed minor bugs in letter filter and page view mode
  • improved search field. Clicking on ClearButton now re-loads the page (only non-Safari browsers).
  • improved sort function. Names beginning with special characters (like öäüéèà) are now sorted correctly (see lang.php)
  • improved template. Clicking on the logo now resets the addressbook.
  • improved edit template. Adding phone numbers etc. as well as custom labels is now much fancier than ever before
  • added birthday reminder
  • added “Remember Me” feature
  • added vCard mass import through the filesystem
  • added three more actions: select_letter, select_offset, reset - adjust your access controls. See permissions_access_controls for more information. :!:
  • added slovak translation (thanks to Jan Michalicka)
  • added russian translation (thanks to Alexander Chekalin)
  • added czech translation (thanks to Petr Václavík)
  • added swedish translation (thanks to Henrik Ahlberg)
  • added indonesian translation (thanks to Ardi Nugraha)
If you are upgrading from 0.98 or earlier make sure to export all your addresses as a vCard. Remember if you click the export as vCard(s) button and no contact is selected, the addressbook automatically assumes that you want to export ALL your addresses.

Version 0.98 (2007-01-12)

  • search function now supports multiple keywords
  • changed search field to apple-like search field
  • improved import of non-RFC-compliant vCards
  • improved person edit view (added category edit field)
  • added Skype support
  • added support for phonetic firstname/lastname (for japanese users) :!:
  • added custom labels for phones, emails, urls, related names and instant messaging handles
  • added page-view mode for contactlist (contactlist can be divided into several pages). See $conf['contactlist_limit'] in defaults.php
  • added alphabet to quickly filter contacts that begin with the same letter
  • added option to change the image format in vCard export. See $conf['photo_format'] in defaults.php
  • added advanced access controls. See permissions_access_controls for more information. :!:
:!: Database format has changed! Read below if you are upgrading!

  • The addressbook table now has two more fields (phoneticfirstname, phoneticlastname). You can simply add them to your existing table. The complete Layout can be found in addressbook.sql.

:!: Configuration format has changed! Read below if you are upgrading!

  • The file /conf/auth.php has a different syntax! Read the documentation on access controls for more information.

Version 0.97 (2006-10-20)

  • fixed the problem where PEAR.php could not be found
  • added CSV export
  • added LDIF export
  • improved category layout in default template
  • improved vCard import
  • minor improvements in addressbook and category handling
  • added portuguese translation

Version 0.96 (2006-09-02)

  • fixed another XSS vulnerability
  • fixed a bug when some contacts were not shown in the contactlist
  • fixed a bug in photo handling when using sqlite 2
  • added support for newlines in contact fields (use <br /> to mark newlines)
  • added automatic category “Modified Contacts” to facilitate manual synchronization
  • added check action to help debugging: Use http://your-domain/iaddressbook/?do=check to get useful debugging output
  • improved image handling (images are now always imported and only converted to browser format when displayed)
  • minor enhancements in the default template

Version 0.95 (2006-08-23)

  • SECURITY: fixed cross site scripting bug in categories field
  • fixed minor bugs in category handling
  • fixed parsing error in actions.php that appeared in some versions of PHP
  • removed some dependencies to PHP 5
  • improved sort order of contact list
  • improved no-name handling
  • improved error reporting
  • that last imported contact is now auto-selected

Version 0.94 (2006-08-21)

  • SECURITY: possibility for cross site scripting disabled
  • added sqlite support
  • database adjustments to improve portablity :!:
  • added category support (create, delete, add contacts, remove contacts) :!:
  • fixed problems when register_globals was enabled
  • fixed bug when escaping/unescaping strings → addressbook/database handling
  • fixed bug in database handling: all input is now correctly quoted before it's sent to the db
  • fixed bug when exporting vcards: escaping was not done properly
  • fixed bug when importing vcards: unescaping was not done properly
  • added italian localization (thanks to Joram Marino)
  • login field now has autofocus
  • search field now has autofocus
  • minor template changes
  • added translator.php that helps update localization files
  • added configuration option for file upload location (@ini_set() call in config.php.dist)
  • added configuration option for map link: $conf['map_link']
:!: Database format has changed! Read below if you are upgrading!

  • Dashes (-) in table names are not allowed. If your table has a dash (-) in the name remove it or replace it with an underscore (_). (I had to rename table addressbook-bla to addressbook_bla)
  • For category support you need 2 more tables. Their layout can be found in /addressbook.sql. You can just add those tables to the existing addressbook table.
  • The database options in conf.php have changed. Refer to conf.php.dist for more details

Version 0.93 (2006-08-05)

  • added authorization (disabled by default, see config option: $conf['auth_enabled'] = 0;)
  • added spanish localization (thanks to Alberto Gesualdi)
  • fixed some minor bugs in the default template

Version 0.92 (2006-07-30)

  • added photo add/change/remove support
  • added automatic photo resizing when manually added (new option → $conf['photo_resize'] = '128×128' )
  • :!: adjusted sql template: you have to use mediumblob instead of blob to allow contact photos greater than 65kb (if you are upgrading you will have to adjust your database!)
  • added heuristic to detect UTF-16/32 encoded files without BOM. Import of vCards from Apple's Address Book now works out of the box.
  • added multiple vCard export
  • fixed birthday display - can now display dates before 1970
  • fixed a bug where birthdate was not imported from V2.1 vCards
  • minor changes in default template
  • search: first contact in query results is auto-selected on first search

Version 0.91a (2006-07-24)

  • fixed some issues with the template and Internet Explorer (and no, I will not convert the PNG to GIF)

Version 0.91 (2006-07-23)

  • added nice default template
  • fixed minor bug in Person Class: does not save addresses/emails/etc without contents

Version 0.9 (2006-07-16)

  • initial release
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