Online Demo

Online demo installation:

To login with admin rights use:

username demo
password demo

You can also try all supported languages here:

Supported Languages  Translation Status
Български 49%
Brasi Português 41%
Czech 41%
Deutsch 100%
English 100%
Español 40%
Esperanto 40%
Français 41%
Farsi 41%
Bahasa Indonesia 41%
Italiano 41%
Magyar 51%
Nederlands 40%
Português 41%
Русский 41%
Schwiizerdütsch 49%
Slovenčina 40%
Sámegiella 41%
日本語 40%

The low scores for most of the languages are due to the new installer script that contains a lot of documentation. The addressbook itself contains mostly translated strings.

Please send me your translations so I can include them in the distribution.